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Exclusive Sailing Regatta

Experience a sailing competition at sea with various luxury yachts.


The team of your boat is directly in the running with other yachts, which are controlled by business relations or colleagues from departments within the company, or by third parties with which the Regatta is organized. Who will soon take the cup home? 
Welcome your guests in the morning in the Marina of Nieuwpoort, Ostend or Cadzand for a mini breakfast. A personalized yacht with the company's flag is waiting for them. Every guest is spoiled with an adapted and personalized jacket, windbreaker, cap, gloves ...  Then on board, to get acquainted with the skipper, to pay attention to his safety briefing, casting off and set sail to open sea. At the wheel none other than yourself and your colleagues or invitees, in turn, and under the supervision of your skipper. The skipper is your coach on board, in the morning when practicing the sailing maneuvers. 

 After a short lunch in the yacht harbor it is time for the real thing; The Regatta!  There will be a briefing about the course of the race, the course beacons will be plotted. The competition leader explains the rules. Before you realize it, the yachts are at the starting line, for the starting shot. Pure adrenaline when the yachts take speed, neck to neck. “May the best Team win!” The cup is about the combined result of different runs.  During the apéro the winning ship will be decorated by the competition management.  A Toast follows on the entire team, because we saw the ambition to win with everyone, the "fun" just as well. At dinner all the sensation is aired again, nice to see the smiling faces… What a day, and yes, proud of that cup!

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