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Interactive sailing on a luxury yacht.


Take the helm of a luxury yacht and steer it through the waves yourself.
Hoist the sails, tack on a 60 feet (19m) long Luxury Sailing Cruiser that can accommodate 10 to 12 passengers, maneuver her between the sandbanks.
This with a high degree of comfort and luxury with full service catering on board.

You will of course be guided in all this by a specially trained skipper with a passion for his sailing skills.
He will brief you on safety at sea from the start and coach you in all duties on board to get you back to port safely.

Whether you want to experience this experience with family, family, business relations or colleagues, different formulas are available.
The atmosphere is determined by the group, "chilling" or "pure adrenaline", this fleet of skippers will ensure that you will never forget this moment.

These SEAWORTHY boats give an extra appearance as they are a lot bigger and offer more comfort than “weekday” yachts.
They are technically tested and meet the strictest standards to provide comfort and safety in all weather conditions.

Contact info:
Rudy Kelchtermans +32 475 49 62 96
Didier Van Langendonck +32 477 59 15 74

Bertrand Stuyts +32 474 99 94 20

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